xmas catalogue for myToys

myToys.de GmbH belongs to Otto-Group (formerly Otto Versand), one of the biggest international e-commerce companies. Toys and other articles for children are distributed through the online shop of myToys and some local stores.


In the Christmas catalogue up to 1000 articles of big brands like PLAYMOBIL®, LEGO®, among others as well as myToys’ own product range are presented. Kids also put together their wish list out of the pages.


Within three months I designed 84 pages in A5 for the Christmas mailing. In the beginning I worked on the concept before I set the pages that I was doing all alone. At the same time I monitored the photo shootings, gave instructions and chose the pictures. There was a regular consultation by the marketing director and it was adjusted by the department heads what let to different prioritisation and changes in some pages before the finalisation.


In November 2019 the customers got the catalogues.