111 Cheltenham – celebration book

In the winter term 2006/7 I studied at University of Plymouth in the Faculty of Arts in Exeter. There were four projects I took part in.
In one class we were asked to create a limited edition book celebrating the jubilee of a typeface in that year. As Baskerville had its 150th, Helvetica its 50th anniversary, we were expected to choose something classical. By chance I learnt about Cheltenham, which was designed in 1896, and conceived it to be more fun and outstanding to work on that type.
My tutor Peter Jones was a bit sceptical in the beginning. His assessment reads in the following way:

“Celebration book – 111 Cheltenham, is a substantial entertaining, and eclectic book that celebrates the typeface in a novel and engaging style that is appropriate to the subject matter and would appeal to its target audience. It has been achieved through very good research and good experimentation. The book is also well made and good consideration has been given to style, structure, content, pace and typographic detailing. Very good job, well done – I would buy it.”

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