The agency Bluetango in Vienna was commissioned to analyze the “view towards the brand” and to make recommendations regarding the vision and mission. Bluetango hired the art director Lo Breier, who took me on board, to guide the visual communication.


My work began with an extensive research on visual appearance of universities worldwide.

As far as the concept is concerned, there was an intense phase of the side of Bluetango with Johannes Newrkla and the communication department of the university with Elisabett Mattes. The visual appearance should become more modern, more likeable and more visible – taking into account the values tradition, innovation and diversity.


The new colours should have a festive and elegant connotation. My choice of a blue-turquoise as main colour (similar to the former corporate colour but warmer), a blue-violet, yellow and orange-red was determined quickly.


During the next phase I created the logo which the vice chancellor and the communication department liked immediately. As its basis, I took the trefoil that can be found in the historic symbols of the university. You can also see open books in the triangles and rhombuses which frame the “V“.


As far as the type is concerned, the choice fell on the font family Fedra.


Over the following months we developed various applications (stationary, the website etc.) and it went through presentations in different committees. In the meantime, poster series with the present logo were implemented.


In August 2013, the implementation of the new brand was refused by the senate. Just the new colours are used for several elements. Then we were commissioned to work on a redesign.