The Atlantic Times – Berlin Special

To mark the occasion the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, Atlantic Times published a special edition. The monthly newspaper mainly addresses the readers in the US and is available at authorities, such as embassies and the White House. The Berlin Special was created in a small team under the direction of Walter Mayer within two weeks. I developed the layout in close collaboration with the freelance designer Johanna Trapp. Apart from high-profile editors, the authors also included well-known people like Roland Jahn, Wolfgang Joop and Katja Eichinger. Many conversions were necessary because texts were delivered at last minute, the number of pages were increased and more ads came in on the final evening.
The 16-sided special edition is published in US american broadsheet forma is published as supplement of the Atlantic Times in US american broadsheet format (in 318 x 578 mm). Upon completion it was adapted to half Nordisch format (285 × 400 mm). Download the Berlin Special here:


Times Media GmbH : Berlin