University of Vienna – redesign


After the new design for the brand University of Vienna was off the table, the agency Bluetango was commissioned to rework the seal. Johannes Newrkla, Lo Breier and I discussed how to handle such a traditional signet and immersed in the history of the university once more.


We reduced the seal and I implemented the historic trefoil – also to stabilize the figure. Furthermore, we changed the typeface for the ring into Fedra, which was chosen as the new corporate font (see brand development).
For months, small details were discussed. Then the client decided to apply more elements from the old seal.


Alongside this, a jubilee brand was to be developed.

At that point, combinations with the new seal were examined. Lo Breier and me also continued working on a typographic solution for the associations of the university. For the year 2014, a timetable was set for the introduction in any kind of media.


Eventually, the implementation of a new seal and new typeface was overturned. The colors that were chosen (see brand development) were used for several elements.

The jubilee brand was released in November 2014.