Branding for the newspaper Cellesche Zeitung

Hannover based agency Winkler & Stenzel got the task to develop an identity for Cellesche Zeitung. This is the newspaper of the city Celle. The independent brand strategy consultant Holger Ambroselli analyzed it. A brand wheel reflects on the brand – looking ahead into future. With this optimal condition he ask me to work on a CZ logo. That would not only stand for the newspaper but for all activities of the publisher beyond. I was also asked to create a corresponding corporate design with templates for ads and banners.


CZ celebrates its 200s birthday In 2017. On this occasion, a jubilee brand was also ought to be created.


The CZ should stand distinctively on its own and in good combination to word mark of the competence areas info, event, service and lifestyle.

Different designs led me to the circle with a gap on top based on a newspaper loop. Finally a gap was added below. Thereby the activity of the publisher was presented: information come in, are edited and go public as a new product.


Also the newspaper itself should undergo a redesign. For this I submitted proposals relating mainly to the typographic aspect. For the masthead I suggested FF More Wide, which gained approval, and set also the CZ in that type font. Finally the head remained in the original blackletter, just the arms was ceased.

Now the redesign is adapted from the newspaper Kieler Woche and the type font Mafra of DSType Foundry used for deadlines. Therefore I took Mafra Medium for the letters of CZ.


For the ads I chose the font FF Zwo. Consequently I set the words of the competence areas in the same style.


As special type I designed the numbering in the same style as the logo. I made the numbers available as a font set, so that can be entered on the keyboard.


As far as the colours are concerned, the accepted ones chosen by me were adjusted in the creative apartment of the publisher in the end.


The corporate identity process was continued with co-creation-workshops for the new communication concept.


Finally I created a detailed manual together with Holger Ambroselli. Thereby the guidelines for the brand are defined beyond the visual appearance to give the staff a better self-conception.