Europe – postage stamp


20 Austrian or Austria-based designers were invited to submit ideas for the competition “Postage Stamp Europe”. Lo Breier was one of the selected designers, who created this stamp with me.
The motto was “Europe – an old love story”.


Our subject is taken from Greek mythology about Europa and Zeus: the goddess Europa is riding on a bull that is no other than Zeus. The current situation in Europe is like a ride on a wild bull. Like the icon of freedom, the Statue of Liberty’s seven rays form a halo and evoke the sun and her torch represents progress, in this picture, the hair resembles a torch.
The twelve stars stand for Europe.
In a metaphorical sense, the message is that the freedom enlightens Europe. Furthermore it’s a symbol for progress. Instead of a saffron crocus, the bull has a star over his mouth that appears like a kiss.


This is what we love about Europe, apart from freedom and progress: its openness, beauty and tradition.


Here you can also see an article with the submissions in the austrian newspaper Presse am Sonntag.
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