Website for BOC Group


The BOC Group is an internationally leading developer of software tools. With branches in eight cities, the company develops tools of worldwide acknowledged management approaches. Those tools are offered via webinars and  training courses.


In Berlin, I work on print material and the design of fair stands. In the beginning of 2020, the headquarter in Vienna asked me to redesign their website of Knowledge Hub. This platform offers an overview over webinars devided into product knowhow und business insights. On one hand, its homepage should be redesigned. Thereby the design of the tiles needed special consideration. On the other hand, I created a template of sub pages for video seminar and article that is a new format.


Above all, new and upcoming pages are emphasized. In general, the challenge was to define the different filters and information clearly. For this propose fitting icons (Font Awesome) should be used.


The company asked me also to work on many photomontages. Furthermore they commissioned me to give advice concerning the web appearance in general.


The BOC Group’s different fields of action will be online bit by bit.


Another webdesign project is Kultur Mitte.